Tilda Swinton Looks Hot in “Trainwreck” Makeover, Experts Give Tips How To Recreate

Tilda Swinton Looks Hot in “Trainwreck” Makeover, Experts Give Tips How To Recreate

Famed for her androgynous looks and unique style, Tilda Swinton revealed a completely contrasting look to her signature last week. The actress, who is usually seen with porcelain pale skin and cropped white blonde hair, showcased a totally different look in teasers for upcoming film, Trainwreck. The look marks a drastic change for the 54-year-old British star, who is famed for playing eccentric characters in films such as Snowpiercer and the Chronicles of Narnia. So how did she overhaul her style? With a few simple beauty tricks that anyone can emulate at home, say the experts.

Tilda Swinton Looks Hot in Trainwreck Makeover1



‘To achieve an even and natural finish, it’s important to prep your skin, because you’re going to be putting a lot of tan onto it,’ explained Jules. ‘Hold off applying any self tan for two weeks before, to ensure skin is totally free of any residue self-tan. To create a flawless skin surface, exfoliate twice a week before the application. ‘Before tan application, moisturise dry areas including hands, elbows, knees and feet and if you’re as fair as Tilda, moisturise your eyebrows and hairline too. You’ll need to do this on both applications. ‘Start by applying St.Tropez Self Tan Dark Lotion two days before – using a mitt working around the body in sweeping motions. Don’t be alarmed if the guide colour looks uneven when you’re applying, this overlapping just shows you’ve totally covered yourself all over. Let the first coat dry (I like to wait five minutes) before applying the second. ‘Wear loose dark clothing after and wipe your fingernails, palms, in-between your fingers and add a little moisturiser to the bottom of your palms. If you’re nervous, just take a buffing mitt and glide all over your body to blend. Allow the tan to develop for 12 hours and shower off using a nourishing oil free shower cream.’


‘It’s a great low commitment colour and is perfect for those wanting to look after the condition,’ she said. ‘Use glossing colours such as L’Oréal Professionnel Dia light, which is a colour made especially for hair with colour in already hair. ‘It will help smooth the cuticles, conditioning and strengthening hair whilst giving your locks a high shine finish.’

Tilda Swinton Looks Hot in Trainwreck Makeover


Tilda has made porcelain skin, ruby red lips and minimal eye make-up her trademark. However, in her new role, Tilda has ditched the red lipstick in favour a nude hue, wears smokey eyes and lashings of mascara. She has also seemingly tinted her eyebrows, or used a dark powder to deepen the hue.

Credits: Daily Mail