Pre Order Carole Tanenbaum Resort 2016 On Moda Operandi

From enamel flowers to bejeweled bib necklace, Carole Tanenbaum continues to prove that opulence is timeless. She has spent over twenty years traveling the world, shopping for the finest vintage costume jewelry, which has made her the foremost figure that she is today. Add some ‘60s Palm Springs personality to your summer wardrobe with an array of glamorous adornments.

Pre Order Carole Tanenbaum Resort 2016 On Moda Operandi

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Carole Tanenbaum 1940s Unsigned 3D Enamel Blue Flower Pin With Pink And Aqua Rhinestone Center

Carole Tanenbaum 1960s Sandor White Enamel Flower Necklace

Carole Tanenbaum 1960s Unsigned Cherry And Lime With Inset Flowers Lucite Rings Set

Carole Tanenbaum 1950s Sandor Dangly Aqua Earring With Pear-Shaped Open Backed Cabochons And Enameled Ivy Vines

Carole Tanenbaum 1950s Robert Cherry Enamel Pins With Green Leaves Faux Pearl Accents

Carole Tanenbaum 1960s Unsigned Long Gold Necklace With Large Lapis Colored Cabochon Pendant

Carole Tanenbaum 1940s, Mixed Pink Enamel Pot Metal Rose Pin With Center Diamante

Carole Tanenbaum 1950s Signed Original By Robert Gold Necklace With Multi Cabochons And Diamante

Carole Tanenbaum 1950s Unsigned Burnished Gold Necklace With Rhinestones And Glass Coral Drops

Carole Tanenbaum 1940s Coro Purple and Yellow Enamel Flower Earrings With Clear Rhinestone Center

Carole Tanenbaum 1960s Plastic White Beads With Dangly Striped Multicolored Beads

Carole Tanenbaum 1950s Alice Caviness Blush Pink And Aurora Borealis Cluster Necklace

Carole Tanenbaum 1960s Green, White, Blue Splattered Enamel Flower Unsigned Pins

Carole Tanenbaum 1930s Unsigned Gold Chain Necklace With Glass Leaves And Celluloid Red Fruit

Carole Tanenbaum 1940s Unsigned Enamel Yellow And White Flower Bracelet With Magenta Accents

Carole Tanenbaum 1970s Unsigned Bib Necklace With Mottled Robin's Egg Blue Beads Set In Elaborate Filigree Gold-Toned Metal

Carole Tanenbaum 1940s Unsigned Set of Multicolored Bangles

Carole Tanenbaum 1995 Chanel Diamond Shaped Dangly CC Earrings With Matte Gold Diamond Insert

Carole Tanenbaum 1960s Unsigned Turquoise & Yellow Elongated Pair of Flower Pins With Green Stems

Carole Tanenbaum 1960s Unsigned Glass Turquoise Bead Necklace With Mother Of Pearl Shells

Carole Tanenbaum 1960s Unsigned White Enamel Cuff With Small Pastel And Diamante Flowers

Carole Tanenbaum 1950s White Double Strand Necklace With Speckled Blue Glass Beads

Carole Tanenbaum 1960s KJL Earrings In Angel Coral Stone With Diamante Accents

Carole Tanenbaum Unsigned Multi Colored Enamel Mesh Purse With Snap Clasp And Small Chain

Carole Tanenbaum 1950s White Tubular Bead Pendant Necklace With Small Green and White Bead Accents

Carole Tanenbaum 1960s KJL Dangly Coral Earrings With Gold Filigree

Carole Tanenbaum 1950s Whiting And Davis Softly Colored Floral Pattern Mesh Bag With Chain Fringe

Carole Tanenbaum 1970s Unsigned Gold Snake Chain Necklace With A Large Gold And Silver Fish Pendant With Turquoise Bead Eyes

Carole Tanenbaum 1940s Straw Flower Necklace With Red Celluloid Leafs On A Gold Rolo Chain