Look of the Day: Be Inspired by Simple Chic

So, I am trying to decide a title for the Look of the day and I keep laughing, because this is so far from my style. I cant imagine myself without tons of jewelry piled up on me. Well these looks are Uber fabulous to me, and they are so effortlessly chic, I had to share with you guys. There is nothing like just keeping it simple, it has its own sex appeal. Hope you get inspired. xoxo Sai

So here is my own "simple chic" look. I am still not sure about it, since its NOT my normal style what do you guys think?


  • FiFi Chinwuba

    Good try. When i think “simple chic” i think …blue colors bcos it implies laid back…not yellow and hot pink. But for a glamorous person like u, just do ur thing.

  • U still look good

  • Etta

    Not bad buh coral or green goes with fushia pink. .Trust!