Interview with Miss UI Olebara, Trendsetter and Fashionista

I love hearing from people saying they enjoy looking at my  Facebook Page. I am so guilty of that too. I love to look at other peoples album, and all the cool clothing they are wearing. One of those people is Miss Olebara. I love her fresh face and her super stylish and chic outfits. She is also super sweet and my fashion darling, so I am more than happy to feature her on my blog.

Sai Sankoh: Hey love, I think you are extremely fabulous, and your Facebook page is one of my most visited. Tell me more about you! How did you become so fashionable?
Ijeoma: I have no idea how I became so fashionable. We didn’t have a lot of money when I was younger so we always shopped thrift stores for home goods, but in high school I started drifting over to the clothingsection. I’d say I became a real pro in college.– now I’ve got the bug and go shopping way too much! 

Sai Sankoh: What is the one essential item in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?
Ijeoma: My little black dress from Ann Taylor from a while back…..I love it for the simple fact I can re-wear it in so many different ways with so many different accessories and colors yet it never goes out of style. But I love all of my clothes equally yet differently…but if everything burned down today I’d be ok and go shopping tomorrow :-) 

Sai Sankoh: If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?
Ijeoma: Fashion is fun, have fun with it and then being fabulous becomes second nature.

Sai Sankoh: Who is your fashion icon?
Ijeoma: Dita Von Teese the girl is fabulous, she isn’t afraid to try something different, and always looks amazing in everything she wears. She isn’t afraid to try something new and knows what works for her body and wears it all with confidence. 
Sai Sankoh: How have you developed your style?
Ijeoma: Over time through trail and error, television, magazines, blog sites and my fabulous friends, everything around me inspired my style… I pull from everywhere! At times rather than the being inspired by the specifics of another’s personal style, I am more inspired by the ease, sensuality, elegance and/or glow emitted from within that particular person. My mother was quite the fashionista herself when she was younger so I get a lot of input from her with certain things.
Sai Sankoh: What is your favorite outfit that you’ve worn, and why?
Ijeoma: Both of my custom made all white party outfits! They were both lace and I was just so proud of the design I came up with! I love wearing white it’s such a clean and elegant color!
Sai Sankoh: What beauty products can’t you live without?
Ijeoma: Vitoria Secret lip gloss
Neutrogena Make up removal wipes!
Pink Nail Polish
Sai Sankoh: Do you prefer vintage, thrift, high street or designer?
Ijeoma: Why not all 4? Its not about the labels its all about YOU…you the person in the clothes make the clothes what they are…If I show you the outfits I’ve worn where everything head to toe was thrift…’d never believe me! But then you have to have some expensive arm candy and accessories now and then 😉
Sai Sankoh: Is there a movie or tv, that you would say inspire your looks!
Ijeoma: Sex in the City…James Bond movies…Back in the day I liked how Joan dressed on Girlfriends recently I love how Stacy Dash dresses on Single Ladies. But one can be wearing Chanel but look so incredibly contrived and restricted. Only few modern-day ‘celebrities’ truly have personal style. So many celebs are the work of stylists and/or clones of one another… So its hard to say “so and so” inspired my look when realistically their stylist did all the work….lol
Sai Sankoh: What are your 5 most worn items in your closet?
Ijeoma: My Grey YSL Tributes
My Anne Taylor Loft Chunky link Gold bracelet
My Wolford sheer black tights (in the winter)
My Club Monaco black skirt
My red high waisted benneton pants

Sai Sankoh: How, where and with who do you like to shop?
Ijeoma: How- I HAVE to go in the store I absolutely SUX at shopping online…and I never shop with anything in mind I buy things I like whether I have something to match with it or not…
Where- Every damn where from the thrift to Barneys (on Sale of course) lol
With Who-NO OOOOONE I can not shop with anyone….nothing personal but I notice I make bad decisions when I shop with other individuals PLUS I spend HOURS in a store so most people don’t even have the patience to shop with me anyway lol
Sai Sankoh: Favorite pair of shoes/boots?
Ijeoma: My Jeweled Satin Blue Manolo Blaniks….I don’t wear them often but I love them so much!
Sai Sankoh: I know you are happily in a relationship and of course you and Nnamdi get my vote for cutest couple alive, but what would you advice a girl to wear on a first date?
Ijeoma: First date…first impression is always important, Men like us simple, classy and beautiful…..dont wear to much make up, enough concealed to cover up the blemished but not too much where you look like you have play-doe on your face. If you must wear eye shadow, something light. Don’t wear lip stick wear lip gloss nothing to bright that takes away from him seeing “your face” then A simple sexy not to short…not too long dress or skirt, if it was me Id wear a bright color, my man likes bright colors….not neon caution cone colors but season appropriate “bright” men are visually stimulated creatures anyway…but if in doubt wear black, black always looks more flattering , expensive and sophisticated…the usual hair done, nails done, a light perfume not body mist or anything that will over whelm him to the point he looses his appetite….a SMALL bag don’t bring your “gotta fit my whole life in here” purse/tote on that first date ladies! Lol and that’s it! You’ll be sure to make a great impression! 
Sai Sankoh: How would you describe a fabulous person? Who do you think is fabulous
Ijeoma: Being fabulous to me means you become an influence. Being fabulous shows you are a catalyst for momentum. You’re engaging and transparent everywhere you go. And being fabulous means you engage in risks that people normally wouldn’t. If your fabulous you never have to utter the words… others do it for you.
Sai Sankoh: If you were to give someone fashion advice, what 3 things would you tell them?
Ijeoma:-Take risks with fashion sometimes!… you don’t want to live and die being boring.
-You most defiantly can be fabulous on a budget!
-Don’t always take fashion criticism as “hating” …one should never feel like they ‘know it all’ when it comes to style…take time… reevaluate…but if you feel like you had it right the first time the f*ck em…
Love –Ijeoma-

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