Fabulous Man: Ghanian Actor John Dumelo talks to Sai Sankoh about Movies, Relationships, and Fashion

Hey guys, sorry it took me a while to get the interview up, been super busy!  Anyways, once in a while, my best friend Daniella and I get together, cook our favorite African meals and watch the latest African Movies. One of the movies that always stood out to me was “The Game”. I thought it was so refreshing, so fun, and the cast was hot, but one particular cast member stood out to me. Mr Dumelo. Tall, dark and handsome and his character was just so irresistible. Recently, I got to know him personally, and not only is he good looking, he is actually really sweet and funny…but too bad ladies, he is already taken! Well I want to introduce you to today’s fabulous man, Mr John Dumelo. We got to the airport a little early yesterday and had a mini photo shoot, enjoy the pics!!

Sai Sankoh: John Dumelo is an actor and also?

John Dumelo: An entrepreneur and philanthropist .

Sai Sankoh: How many movies have you been in?

John Dumelo: Over 60

Sai Sankoh: Whats your favorite ghanian food?

John Dumelo: Garden eggs, stew and plaintain.

Sai Sankoh: My favorite movie of yours is ‘The Game’, how did you get the role?

John Dumelo: The director contacted me, gave me the script, and I read it and loved it. Seems like the kind of role I would be interested in, so I accepted it.

Sai Sankoh: Yvonne Okoro is a beautiful woman, how was it dating her in the movie? How was the chemistry?

John Dumelo: We have a lot of chemistry together, we bonded quite easily, we joked around, and laughed a lot etc, she is a great actress, and very serious about what she does.

Sai Sankoh: You also worked with my good friend Sana Kanu Idibia, how was it working with her?

John Dumelo: Sanna has a great personality and good work ethics, and she always makes me laugh on the set.

Sai Sankoh:I actuallly just saw a trailer for one of your movies coming out ‘Ties that Bind’, it seems so emotional, please tell me more about it

John Dumelo: Ties that bind is a fantastic African film that talks about 3 different women, and their friendship and how they are joined together by their different stories and what they are going through in life.  My role is the fiance of one of the ladies.  Ama Abrebese.

Sai Sankoh: How was it working with Kimberly Elise?

John Dumelo: It was good, she brought the whole hollywood experience to Africa, I learned a lot from her and she from us and I would love to work with her again.

Sai Sankoh:Any other projects that you will be working on?

John Dumelo: I am working on 3 movies this year, playing 3 different life changing roles.

Sai Sankoh: You are quite a dapper man, tell me more about your fashion sense. What inspires it?

John Dumelo: Well thank you, for me its all about looking good, both on and off camera. Depending on the event, but I try to look simple as possible. I try not to overdress …I am a jeans and a dress shirt type of guy.

Sai Sankoh:How long does it take you to get ready?

John Dumelo: 10mins.

Sai Sankoh: Do you have a stylist? Can I be your stylist?

John Dumelo: No I don’t, I style myself. Yes, you can, but I will think about it.

Sai Sankoh: Tell us more about your product line Jmelo?

John Dumelo: Well my charity inspired my product line. Its raising money for my ongoing charity project. We have women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, bags, perfumes, and jewelry.  Also it is a way of expressing my other artistic side to show people a different sense of identity/style when it comes to my fashion sense.

Sai Sankoh: Where do you see that going as far as distribution wise? Where can I purchase it?

John Dumelo: It will be online for America and Europe, but for Africa, there will be select stores in select countries.

Sai Sankoh: Describe a perfect NON work related day for you.

John Dumelo: Everyday is work, but I don’t have to, I will probably just head out to the cinema.

Sai Sankoh: Tell me why, a young, handsome, working man,  like you is not married?

John Dumelo: I think God’s time is the best.

Sai Sankoh: There were rumors going around you were engaged, are you? If not how single are you from a scale of 1-10…with 10 meaning completely single.

John Dumelo: No, I am not engaged, and I am not single.

Sai Sankoh:What do you think about plastic surgery on a woman.

John Dumelo: I think it’s all about what makes someone happy, and I don’t judge women who want to do it. Its like getting your hair or nails done, but it should not be overdone.

Sai Sankoh: What do you consider dating?

John Dumelo: Being in a serious committed relationship.

Sai Sankoh: Whats your favorite part of a woman?

John Dumelo: Boobs!

Sai Sankoh: What turns on you on?

John Dumelo: Overall, great personality, sense of humor and then boobs!

Sai Sankoh: Whats your ideal date and what is the most romantic thing you have ever done for a woman?

John Dumelo: A perfect day will be a picnic out on the beach. I love to cook, so it will be good for her to see this different side of me. I flew the girl I was dating to Paris for the weekend and I cooked for her and decorated the whole place with roses.

Sai Sankoh: They say the stomach is the way to a man’s heart,  but what if a woman can’t cook, what other way can a woman get your attention?

John Dumelo: Just be who you are! I like genuine people.

Sai Sankoh: Where should we see John Dumelo in the next couple of years?

John Dumelo: Closer to God, Doing more charity work, doing more quality films. Married with Kids.

Sai Sankoh: How can we get in touch with you?

John Dumelo: My Facebook Fan page! 

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