Fabulous Man: Exclusive Interview with David Golshan from Bravo TV’s Millionaire Match Maker

He is funny, down to earth, successful, extremely handsome and a great singer.  David Golshan from Bravo TV’s Millionaire Matchmaker talks exclusively to BecauseIamFabulous.com about his relationship status, what he finds sexy on a woman and his key elements to success.
Sai Sankoh: Tell me more about yourself. Where did you grow up, what do you do?
David Golshan:  I was born in New York,  when I was an infant my parents moved to a small town called Beverly Hills. 90210 you better believe it ? LOL .
I own a Women Suits Retail catalogue company. It’s also available online at www.womensuits.com; we specialize in selling Women’s suits for special occasions.
I also do some stand-up comedy and sketch comedy, I perform on television and I do a bit of acting.
Sai Sankoh: What do you think are the key elements to your success?
David Golshan: Having the right role models but a lot of it is luck. As well as, just believing in what I do. One big piece of motivation is, “I like going out with hot women”, and if you want to go out with hot women, you have to be successful.
Sai Sankoh: You have a terrific body, how do you keep fit?
David Golshan: Let’s see here, I have a trainer that comes over my house, five days a week, we do weights plus i go running and do my cardio. Also when I make love to woman, I give a 110% and that’s a lot of cardio.
Sai Sankoh: How would you describe your style?
David Golshan: I love classy chic. I like a good slim fit. I love blazers. My fave designer is Dolce and Gabbana.
Sai Sankoh: What are you passionate about?
David Golshan: I am passionate about art. I went to art school for 10 years. I went to art school from the age of 10 to 20. I paint oil on canvas and I do portraits. I love photo realistic art and the traditional oil painting.
Sai Sankoh: What turns you on about a woman?
David Golshan: Her sense of humor, outgoingness, someone fun and upbeat and number 4 is ass. The only deal breaker is a flat ass
Sai Sankoh: Since you are in the clothing business, what is one piece of MALE clothing you find sexy on a woman.
David Golshan: I like to see a woman with nothing on except one of my T-shirts, a big T-shirt that looks like a short dress.
Sai Sankoh: What was it like being on Millionaire matchmaker?
How did you get into it and what made you do it?
Did you think you were really going to find love on there?
Do you think you were correctly portrayed on the show?
David Golshan: I was at a lounge and was saying funny outrageous things to this lady and her friends were dying of laughter. I love zoolander and making fun of myself.  The lady happened to be one of the casting directors for millionaire matchmaker and I said NO I don’t want to marry a midget on national TV.
No, I absolutely not did I think I was going to find love on there. I did it because I wanted to go on the show and have fun.
Some parts were accurate and some parts were not…overall it came out pretty good?
Sai Sankoh: Are you single? If you are, are you looking and where can the single ladies find you?
David Golshan: Yes I am single and I am enjoying the single life now and I go out to lounges and restaurants and dating. If anyone is interested, email me or hit me up on face book.
Sai Sankoh: Whats your worse dating experience?
David Golshan:  I have never walked out on a date but I once went out on a date with this girl, and, literally, every sentence that came out of her mouth was how great she is and how every guy loves her. On top of that she was like a complete gold digger.
Sai Sankoh: Whats would you describe as your perfect first date?
David Golshan: Getting together, having drinks and laughing all night. I don’t want to talk about childhood, poverty, or drama. I want it to be about good conversations, just having a great time.
Sai Sankoh: Tell me one thing that people do know about you.
David Golshan: I am Political junkie, Political geek. I love Philosophy and reading.
Sai Sankoh: If you were a car, what would you be and how would you sell yourself?
David Golshan: God, I think I would be a Ferarri that has a real interior.  The interior is better than any smart car and the car would be bright red. I would drive up to the front of your house and say hop on for the ride of your life B**** and then a song will play “Here I am”
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