The past week has been tough for Rihanna. After backing out from her Grammys performance, she announced that she will be delaying her world tour. And Drake feels like he is to blame for the RnB princess ‘s meltdown.

rihanna meltdown

Here’s the reason why: he doesn’t want to commit to her romantically. The Big Rings rapper was flirting with her the whole time they shot the video for Rihanna’s latest single, Work, knowing that that the Barbadian singer wanted something serioius.

“Rihanna was emotional during parts of the shoot, yelling at him from time to time, calling him names and downright angry at him. He feels his player behavior has contributed to Rihanna’s meltdown. He feels bad, yes, but he still isn’t trying to settle down with her or anyone anytime soon,” a source said of the matter.

Drake reportedly tried to make amends but to no avail as RiRi has not responded to any of his calls or text messages.

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It also doesn’t help that the ticket sales for the Anti World tour have not been doing well. “Tickets aren’t being sold and the money people behind her tour don’t want empty arenas,” another source said. “Rihanna hasn’t had new music since 2012 and her new album flopped.”




Source: Hollywood Life