cara delevingne talks about depression

Cara Delevingne has made a grand comeback to the world of modelling as the face of Saint Laurent’s newest ad campaign. On Thursday, March 31, the stunning 23-year old model took to social media to set the record straight why she took a break from modelling.

“Can we just set the record straight…I never said I was quitting modeling,” Cara began. “I do not blame the fashion industry for anything. I suffer from depression and was a model during a particularly rough patch of self hatred. I am so lucky for the work I get to do but I used to work to try and escape and just ended up completely exhausting myself.

“I am focusing on filming and trying to learn how to not pick apart my every flaw. I am really good at that,” she continued. Okay…. Rant over. Just wanted to clarify and word vomit a little,” she added.

Cara is set to appear as Enchantress in the movie Suicide Squad, which hits the theaters on August 5.
Source: InStyle