Blogger Shine: Krystin Hargrove of Be Loud Be You

I love checking out other fashion bloggers to see what fab outfits they have on. One of my favorite fashion bloggers around the DC area is Krystin. I think her style is fun, chic and just fabulous. Today’s Blogger Shine is on Krystin Hargrove of Be Loud Be You

What inspired you to start blogging?

I was looking for a creative outlet, working as an accountant I didn’t really have a way to express my creativity. I’ve always loved music, fashion, all things artistic really. I came across the blog Karlas Closet which was really the push I needed. I saw her blog and thought “I could see myself bogging”, so in August I launched the blog.

 Who do you think is the most influential personality in the fashion world, and why?

 I’m really not sure. I am not educated enough on the fashion industry to answer that. But I will say that the working women I see everyday are influential in my fashion world. I’m so inspired by women that I meet who wear so many hats wife, mom, career woman, etc.. and look so fabulous in the process!!!

What is the one essential item in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

 The one item I couldn’t live without is a comfy pair of sweats!!! Don’t get me wrong I love to dress up but when I’m home I throw on a pair of sweats and enjoy family time. That may be surprising to some but not at all surprising to my close friends and family. I can’t rumble around playing with my son in a cocktail dress and stilettos lol. He’d look at me crazy haha.

 If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?

 It would be…be yourself. Style to me is wearing the things you love and are comfortable in. For me, you could be wearing a million dollar dress, have the hottest shoes on and still not have style. If you aren’t true to who you are and comfortable in what you’re wearing it shows. Someone with style can pull off wearing a paper bag because they’re able to own it and that quality is infectious.

Who is your fashion icon?

 I love Kerry Washington’s style if you’re talking celebs but my aunt is my fashion icon she’s so FAB!!! The only 70 something lady I know still wearing 5 inch heels lol.

 How have you developed your style?

 I’m not sure my style will ever be fully developed because I just love so many things and would wear so many things. But I’ve always just been drawn to what I like and have stayed true to that.

 What is your favorite outfit that you’ve worn, and why?

 My favorite outfit, that’s a hard one. I would say it’s a dress that I’ve put on a million times but haven’t actually worn. It’s a vintage Albert Nipon red dress with mesh and silk panels. It’s kind of amazing!!!

What beauty products can’t you live without?

 Eyeliner for sure, it makes my eyes really stand out.

 What do you wear on vacation/holiday? Favorite pair of shoes/boots?

 When vacationing I like to wear as little clothes as possible because hopefully I’m going to the beach, so I’d probably be wearing a lot of swimwear. I love all my shoes I don’t have a favorite.


Do you prefer designer,  or Vintage ? Where do you shop?

 I prefer vintage because usually they’re one of a kind. I shop mostly online and at boutiques.

 Being in the blogging industry, Where do you see fashion and technology heading?

 Sky is the limit these days, I can’t even keep up! But I definitely enjoy watching how the two continue to evolve.

Where do you see your blog headed in a few years?

 I hope in a few years the blog continues to inspire people, I’m just thankful to have people reading at all.

 What advice do you have for up and coming fashion blogs like us?

 Let your readers enjoy who you are meaning your personalty and try to build a lasting connection with them. That’s the best advice I can give other than just be yourself.

 How can our readers contact you?

I’m always willing to respond to emails and through Twitter. So shoot me an email at or follow me on Twitter at Only1Krystin !!!

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