Ann Romney Fail: Mitt Romney's Wife Goes Gothic On Jay Leno! Why Did She Fail? How Not To Pull An Ann Romney 'Gothic Girl Look.'

I started writing on one of falls hottest trend, ‘the Gothic Girl’ look when I stumble across photos of Ann Romney on the Huffington Post about her recent trip to ‘the Tonight Show With Jay Leno.’

Not only was it relevant to my topic, some elements of her Leno outfit should serve as a warning on how not to go goth this fall/winter 2012 season.

For the late night chat feast Ann wore an all black printed leather jacket, a matching tiered leather scalloped skirt and a lacy heel, with shinny bangles and earring setting off the sparkly collar on her jacket.

During the course of the campaign season, many have called on Ann to hire a stylist. I’m not sure if she does have one but her recent choices have come under great scrutiny. Remember her Oscar de la Renta red dress? Beyonce wore a similar dress for her Obama fundraiser. 

Some love while others panned it, saying the dress made her look older than her age.

First of all, the Leno outfit is inappropriate on her. Plus the whole leather on leather thing doesn’t work on her. I would love to see Ann in more richer warmer colors, not a blinding yellow or Citrus orange the exact tones she normally wears.A little black dress would have been perfect. What really caught my eyes were the lace booties. Perfect for a 20 year old college student not a woman of her age.

This is how you should wear Goth this season.
Gone are the days of heavy eyeliner, bloody red lips and dramatic caked on foundation. The new Gothic girl look is modern, sleek, polished and sophisticated.
She’s part fairy princess, part tough girl. For once her gorgeous locks are set free instead of been locked in a bun or a beehive.
She could go light on the lips or use a darker berry stained.
On the clothes front she prefers laced up garmets, shinny leather and velvet. Good thing is she’s never going to blend in to the dark. Take a look….