How to Achieve Beach-proof Makeup for Summer!


Summer is around the corner and we all know it’s all about pools, beaches, lakes, and a little sweat. So time to kiss running mascara lines and faded brows goodbye with the NEW WUNDER2 product line which will keep you beach-proof—and glowing—all day!

Would love to coordinate at waterproof makeup story with the newest products from WUNDER2—let me know if you’d like to call in samples or receive more information on these new beach-proof makeup products!

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One-step solution to eyebrow shape and hair loss. The exclusive Permafix Technology and proprietary Hair Fiber Complex creates the perfect brow in under 2 minutes that will last for days. WUNDERBROW formula contains an exclusive blend of hair-like fibers, combined with specially treated pigments designed to fasten onto skin and hair.

WUNDERBROW is now available at for $22




A breakthrough and high-performance foundation, COVERPROOF renders surficial imperfections invisible 24 hours or longer to transform both the look and feel of your skin! It contains a multi-vitamin complex (Vitamin A, C, & E) for optimum skin health and sodium hyaluronate for optimum skin hydration. Cultivated with the revolutionary Tri-Plex Long Wear formula, these three interconnecting levels work in tandem to deliver the ultimate in long-wear performance and comfortability. Exceptionally nourishing, COVERPROOF negates the discomfort commonly found with non-transfer foundation by combining three unique polymers to form a flexible matrix that moves seamlessly with skin while simultaneously providing a flawless, glowing finish.

COVERPROOF Foundation is available now for $29.95 at


WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara


One product, two great benefits—with the new WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara, achieving a dramatic, lengthy and luscious lash is possible with the Dual-Formula Technology. In just two minutes, the Dual-Formula Technology offers clinically-proven results to accelerate lash grown in just two week of daily use.

WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara is available now for $22.00 at

WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension Stain Mascara


Finally, a safe alternative to dyeing your lashes! With the new WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension Stain Mascara, this innovative stain gives you the lashes you wish you were born with for up to 72 hours of flawless smudge-proof, flake-proof wear. With clinically-proven results, this lash contains a combination of specially-treated pigments and mini tinted 3-Dimensional lash extensions, which are then infused into WUNDER2’s exclusive PermaFix Gel. Best results if used as lash primer in tandem with WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara.

WUNDEREXTENSIONS – Lash Extension Stain Mascara is available now for $22.00 at