Your Best Summer Tees : Stand Out From The Other Guys By Wearing These Cool Printed T-Shirts!

Tis the season guys. Summer is here and we can’t avoid the massive heat. For me I stay indoor as much as I can. Hope you are doing the same.

I’ve check online and found these cool tees and shirts that every guy needs to be wearing this summer to keep you from baking when out. The good thing is, these shirts are not your basic white tee. Trust me those are cool and all but it’s always good to put your best foot forward at a cookout, or a fun outdoors festival. Many designers have come to your rescue and are doing more and more visually crafted prints.

Diggy Simmons, Kanye West, P Diddy, Theophilus London, and Wale are all wearing printed shirts

Take Givenchy and McQ. Their tees are now on every guys wish list. Here are just a few. Click on the links and explore more looks from It’s all about the large images this season. Think ‘Hunger Games’ and how animals played an important role. You can even put your favorite Super Hero and or TV/movie character right on your chest. The images range from all types of living creatures to large bold quotes/words. They may look creepy but that’s the whole point. They are bold and in your face, the perfect shirt to make a statement.

McQ Alexander McQueen Printed Cotton T Shirt

Givenchy Shark Printed T Shirt

Givenchy Rottweiler Printed Cotton T Shirt

Alexander McQueen Skull and Ivy T Shirt

The bold printed Crew neck shirts

Think about doing colorful patterns. The good thing is if you are not a color person there are cool neutrals with interesting art details for every taste.

From Aztec to

African prints. The culture influences this season is at its highest. You can walk into any store and find cool prints to represent your own culture. Hey we are all from somewhere so embrace your roots.


The Hawaiian print. Hope the classic image of an American visiting Paris wearing an Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts don’t dampen your spirits to embrace this classic wear. I felt the same way before. Whenever I walk through the department store and saw them on display I turned my head and pretended I didn’t see them. Why pick them now? They are an alternative choice if you are not wild about the ‘Aztec’ and ‘Africa’ prints.

Bring out your inner beast. We are all animals and love other animals but can’t be around them because, they’ll kill us. These prints will signal you are just as loud, wild, and territorial as those other bad boys.