Who Wore it Better: Kim Kardashian VS. Amber Rose in Sheer, Flimsy Dresses?

Kim Kardashian and her beau Kanye West were out and about in Miami yesterday and the bombshell was photographed wearing this very flimsy dress that were more sheer on the thighs, very similar to what Amber Rose wore to the Yves Saint Laurent Party in Paris. Both ladies wore their outfits with ankle boots. I guess Kanye prefers his woman in the whole Goth look!  What do you guys think? Who wore it better?

Kim’s over exposed dress with her bra showing

Its clear Kanye is an Alpha male…he seems to be the one dressing up his women!!

  • http://www.eatstyleplay.com Eat.Style.Play

    I said the other day that she is putting on stuff that makes her look bigger! This is one of those outfits!

  • gina

    Kim looks better.

  • Elaine

    I think the clothes are wearing Kim, where as with Amber she wears the clothes. Kim looks like she’s trying to be different and trying to hard where as Amber looks like it’s part of her so looks better

  • mammichulo

    Kim k has actually worn that exact same dress that Amber had on in an older photo shoot…actually looks way better on kim

    • http://www.becauseiamfabulous.com Sai Sankoh

      Thanks I just saw the post :)

  • Audrey

    Amber wore everything better