Solelust: Giuseppe Zanotti Fall Campaign

My sole fever is in full swing! Seeing Fall campaigns already!!  Battabinggg, this is one happy mamacita :). I’ve been outta the loop and it felt like someone took all my limbs and now they’re slowing putting me back together fabulously. Luvs it…LOL!! So, now that I have access to my reader AGAIN, seeing this Giuseppe Z Fall Campaign gave me absolute life!! No kidding, I needed my heart monitor but was able to come to quickly because I can only be revived my HOT EMTs. Kidding of course, if I’m in danger I don’t care if an ape is capable of reviving me. #dontjudge me :).

Anja Rubik modeled for this campaign. Loving the all black as well :). #simplyfabulous

(p~cred: beautyisdiverse)



  • Yayboo

    ah yayaiyai love love evry 1 of them!yep i missed u..

    • Melvyna Clinton

      Awww thanks Yayboo :) We are officially back to regular sole obsessions!