‘Sharing Is Caring’ Kim Kardashian Vs Little Sister Kylie Jenner In The Same Outfit, But Who Wore It Better?

You know the old line, ‘the family that prays together, stays together.’ Well for this post lets turn that around and go with, ‘the sisters that share clothes together, stays together.’

An old habit practiced amongst the three famous sisters have now passed down to the younger generation of the Jenner household.

Is Kylie Jenner raiding older sister Kim’s closet? I ask because Kim wore exactly the same outfit on Easter Sunday.

Kim confirmed the suspicion via her blog saying, “We are the same size…”  “I’m not sure how, since she’s so tall, but I love sharing clothes with my sisters.”

I can’t blame Kylie the black blazer, paired with the yellow bow-tie blouse and white pleated skirt is a cool school girlish look. Kim is nice to let her sisters wear clothes she only put on once. Hope they are also giving to those less fortunate.


Photos Courtesy: Pacific Coast News, Flame flynet Pictures

Written by: JeanClaude COCO