Sai’s Life: Life is a Beautiful Struggle…

I must say, I presently have one of the most fulfilling lives. Everything seems to fit in so well. Not only am I surrounded by the most amazing friends and family, on Monday, I was renewed spiritually.  Anyways, friendship is an amazing thing and  and its such a magical feeling when a great friendship starts turning into more…my  honey knows all the right things to say and of course just the perfect time to give a hug! I’ve known him for three years and so far I am happy. He took these pictures of me today relaxing on his deck.

Its Friday, so cheers to the freaking weekend!


Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier, Watch: Michael Kors, Floral Scarf: Christian Dior, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses: Badgely Mischka

Something is always funny! :)

Yikes Paint on my hand!!




  • I love everything about this as I can’t get enough of scarfs myself in this heat. It does help keep the hair up while being fashionable! It obviously tells on you that you are in a state of bliss :)

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  • Anonymous

    I love,love,love..can we see a pic of u and ur honey on this blog?cat wait…

  • Fiesty Lover

    Sai i love it but you were TRYING TOO HARD in these photos. Esp with the boobs showing and all. Not necessary. Your style is graceful and you’re BEAUTIFUL. Let that speak for itself.