Sai Sankoh's Birthday Weekend Part 1: Drinks At The Four Seasons

Hello fabulous!! So a lot of Sai’s friends and readers have been asking how  Sai spent her birthday and what she did. If it was left with Sai, she would  have a chilled day and do something super private, which she did on her actual birthday the 9th of May. Being that we (friends) are all busy it was ideal for us to set a date  aside and have a proper Bday weekend for our Fabulous Sai..something like a “Birthday Month” which she referred to all weekend,  haha how “Diva” is that. Sanna flew from Atlanta, I (JeanClaude COCO)  drove down from PA, Joanna, Sia, Sarleah and Vanessa  helped organize the fabulous weekend.

So the weekend began with,

Friday: Drinks and dinner at the Four Seasons Washington, DC. Bourbon Steakhouse was a nice choice. Sai always has a great time there and the food is beyond delicious. The drinks are chill and the vibe is right.

Saturday: Sai’s Breakfast in Bed and a Slumber Party. Yes! A slumber party for adults with an adult theme :-) featuring Sai and JeanClaude. You will have to wait for all the details in later post :-)

Sunday: The grand finale. Brunch at the Gaylor, National Harbor. Fabulous Pictures,  Pictures,  Pictures over load!!! Details in later post.

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Cheers to the Fabulous Sai!!!!

Stop by for more post later. Thanks JeanClaude COCO

  • aisha

    Sai has really nice eyes don’t understand why she wears dark glasses every time, I think she looks a lot better without her dark glasses! HBD sai!!

  • addie

    Hi, Sai i just had to say you have an amaising smile. Wow, you should smile more often, nice teeth. (lol) Oh and i LOVE that dress. Whos is it by? Very nice Keep up the good work, your style is very inspiring. Forget those silly people on that Bella Naija site, they are simply jealous. I am a dedicated follower of your style blog, wish i had more time to comment more often. :)

    Stay fabulous,

  • hasannatootoo

    Hey girl! Looking good! Let me know when you want to go for sushi! I know a great place. After that maybe we can rub our pussies together like last time?