Maxi Dress Divas: Off to the Salon

Maxi Dress Divas: Off the the Salon
Ive been super bored with my hair lately, so I needed to do something fun to it. Atlanta is certainly known for the hair does. I must admit a lot of them are wild, but hey I was in a different city and ready to try anything. Sanna made a 8am appointment for me with her hair dresser and so I was up bright and early at  6 am to get ready for her. I wanted a short cut since they are low maintenance and its really too hot back in Virginia for my usual 24 inches I normally get. I decided to wear this maxi, because its super adorable. I love the colors!!! Sanna looked stunning in this baby blue maxi as well. We grabbed the closest hotel employee to take our images in the lobby. My hair experience went well, minus the fact that I was under the hair dryer for 2 hours. Apparently my hair is a bit longer and thicker than had imagined. I was sweaty, hungry and wanted to run out of their, and anytime I would try to take a breather, Sanna would push me right back under the dryer. LOL. OMG the pain the pain to look great. The hair dresser, Miss Lisa, did a fantastic job and we headed to lunch. I have NO idea what I did to my phone, but for some reason my phone I was located somewhere in China, and it was going to take us 38 days to get the Negril Restaurant. Ahh technology! We got there within 10 mins. The food was super amazing. I had a spicy Jerk Chicken with cabbage and black beans and rice and Sanna had the same but with Oxtail. We both ordered super sweet and ripe plantains to go as well. Yummy!!!