Luxe Life: Jewels by Mawi London

Fabulous Sunday to you! May I introduce you to the “luxe life” of high-end custom jewelry. I know, I know don’t cringe on me because for some, if not all of us, just the mere words “custom jewelry” makes us conjure up fingers and necks turning green! LOL!! I assure you this line is not that kind. Instead Mawi is beautifully crafted and “transcends time and appeals to all ages.” If you never told a soul that they were custom, they would assume you’ve seduced security to entered the Queen’s most precious jewels collection :).

(courtesy: mawi)

  • MufarosBeautifulDaughter

    Wow! Everything is gorgeous!!! I am an accessories fiend, especially when it comes to jewelry and watches!!! I most certainly will be makn some purchases!!