‘Little Monsters’ Cover Your Eyes: Lady Gaga Goes Off Flipping The Birds At LAX In A Thong For The World To See!

Can’t make this stuff up!!!

Someone must have pop open way too many bottles on one of the longest flight routes in the world, Sydney to LA that’s 13 hours and 20 minutes,  7487 miles. By the time Pop super star Lady Gaga arrive at LAX she was zoned out and couldn’t be tamed yesterday afternoon (7/9/2012)

To make matters worse at an airport filled with families traveling on vacation, Gaga was seen parading in a black color thong and sheer black leggings. That’s putting it lightly. Basically her azz and goodness knows what else was out for the world to see.

Affectionately called ‘mother monster’ by her ‘little monsters’ she was in full monster character mood. The soft spoken girl from New York City couldn’t be save from public embarrassment as her security detail hurled her into a waiting vehicle.

As she got into the vehicle Gaga flip more birds and perfected her signature claw sign.

hmmmm this is not a good look ‘mother monster.’ ‘Little monsters’ hope your eyes were shut.

Day and Night!

Lady Gaga looks put together when she left Australia but when she arrived in LA she was the polar opposite.

From a dress to no pants Lady Gaga left Sydney wearing a leather dress but arrive without a pants at LAX

Photos by: Splash, Xposurephotos.com, Matrixphotos.co.uk,

Written by: JeanClaude COCO