Is This Victoria Beckham’s Closet? See VickyB In Slippers As She Shows Off Her New Net-A-Porter Collaboration!

Hello fabulous folks. I just stumble across what I think is the closet of one of BIAF favorite ‘fashionista’ Victoria Beckham. In the photo released by Net-a-Porter on twitter and re-tweeted by VickyB in which she is seen holding an off white dress and wearing a furry white bedroom slippers. Yep I know you are thinking Victoria Beckham and slippers? Well Fab folks, do you honestly think she wakes up in the morning,  yawns, stretches, and then swings her legs to the side of her bed and slips her feet into 6 inches Louboutins? LOL I doubt it. I’m sure this is just an exaggeration.

Anywho, the dress is actually a ‘Victoria Beckham’ collection for online fashion retailer Net-A-Porter. The online marketer tweeted, “@VictoriaBeckham previews our exclusive Victoria, Victoria Beckham collaboration. Love those slippers #VVBexclusive”.

The dressing room also caught my attention. Is that really Victoria’s Closet? Disclaimer: BIAF can not verified if this is Victoria Beckham’s closet. We can only hope so. If its indeed VB digs then this is an ounce of fabulousity! Check those LV suitcases (top),  Hermes (right), and Chanel Bags (left) and racks of designer goodies (below). Argh feeling a little jealous? I just want to take a tour….:-)  On TV/Print anything LOL

The Star tweeted this picture when she getting ready for an appearance. Funny thing is she’s not the one taking the picture on the Iphone.  Look carefully at the hands of the person taking the photo and the body position of Victoria. Was David Beckham the one snapping or her eldest son?

Images Courtesy: Victoria Beckham

Written By: JeanClaude COCO

  • My BFF!!! Oh how I have closet envy right now. Thinking she might need a closet handler. I’ll take the job. LOL! Great post 😀