Interview: 1st Runner Up Miss Ghana USA Eugenia Asante is Beautiful, Intelligent and Fabulous

My sweetheart Miss Eugenia recently took part in the Miss Ghana USA competition and I had to do a feature on this smart, intelligent and beautiful Ghanian Lady. I love everything she stands for and admire her a great deal. Miss Eugenia Asante is simply Fabulous!! 

Sai Sankoh: Please tell me a bit about yourself
Eugenia Osei- Asante: Well am Eugenia Osei- Asante, i am currently a graduate from the university of MD Eastern shore. and the director for marketing and public relations for a Non- profit organization, “Passion for an African Child”. i live in Frederick, MD and am from Ghana west Africa. i love designing, and sewing is definitely a hobby.. 

Sai Sankoh: Congratulations on being the first runner up on the Miss Ghana USA. Was this your first pageant?
Eugenia Osei- Asante: Thank you.. This was my second pageant..i did Miss west africa USA, the experience was ok, but i definitely loved Miss Ghana USA. The president of the pageant (Miss Gloria Opare and her team) were very patient, respectful and professional, and the girls were so wonderful.. i had the chance to represent the Upper eastern region of Ghana among other 9 beautiful and intelligent young women.

Sai Sankoh: How did you get into pageantry and what made you get into it?
Eugenia Osei- Asante: Well i have always been a very curvy girl.. Not your average size two. and with the way society is structured, social status is highly required in order for people to listen to you or hear your plea for social equality amongst africans, health care, Unity and the many issues affecting our continent. This is mainly the reason why i did this pageant.. to advocate for the voiceless and also to be an ambassador for change.

Sai Sankoh: What did you do to prepare for the Pageant?
Eugenia Osei- Asante: O my.. a lot. exercising, eating healthy. No carb diet to look absolutely stunning in my bathing suit, and all water and nooo juice. lol.. crazy but true. and the last 10 day to the pageant are the worst. u start feeling fat for some reason. its like a whole mind game. I loved the fitting and the gown shopping…. i had the pleasure of having the additional designer for miss Ghana 1996 design my gown. She is Aleena Abedoye or Allka Couture. she is a wonderful woman of God and she is so talented.

Sai Sankoh: What did you learn from this whole experience. Give us the dirt about backstage are their cat fights etc between these eloquent ladies when they are not on stage?
Eugenia Osei- Asante: hmmpppp.. hahahhaha.. Overall, it was an extraordinary experience, and such a memorable one. i will be telling my great grand-children about this. I made such great friends, and lets just say in every garden there is always that one rotten tomato.. hahahha but we were all professional, we kept it together as mature young women and we all did great.. i am very sure the hardest job that day was to be a judge.. hahahha. There were a bit of cat fighting between designers and others, because everybody(designer) is rooting for their contestant to win, because they are showcasing their design,other than that, it was a wonderful experience.. lol

Sai Sankoh: Tell me about the amazing clothing you wore during the pageant
Eugenia Osei- Asante: o yess.. now down to the fun stuff.. most of my wardrobe was designed by the Fabulous, talented Aleena Abedoye of Allka Couture (also known as allka precious on facebook). she was also an additional designer for Miss Ghana 1996. She made the gorgeous pink and blue traditional gown and also put a few finishing touches on my evening gown by Jovani Couture. my mom ordered traditional beads and beautiful kente for my talent, and my sister priscilla Turkson also bought most of my props and shoes.. it was team work i tell you.. lol 

Sai Sankoh:I think you are fabulous for having the courage to stand infront of so many people to express yourself. How do you manage that? What do you think of when you are talking of walking down runway?
Eugenia Osei- Asante: Sighhhh.. thaank you hahhha well the emotions are tremendous. It is not easy, it is very difficult. The moment i touch that microphone, i swear i transit into another body. hahahaha.. But with Practice, Determination, hard work, and God all things are possible. i sometimes sit back and really look at the recorded pieces of me and wonder, is this me??.. hahha It was an honor to be acknowledge by my fellow contestants as a good speaker. That truly meant a lot.

Sai Sankoh: How did you feel when you were crowned 1st runner up for Miss Ghana 2011?
Eugenia Osei- Asante: I was soo excited but very sad. Not to sound ungrateful or anything, i honestly wanted to win so bad.. i gave this pageant my all, i prayed to the lord for the spirit of Confidence and Boldness and these are exactly what prevailed on july 9th 2011 in dallas texas. i thank the lord for his undying grace and mercies. 

Sai Sankoh: Being African, our parents have a differnt view on a lot of our choices, what did they think when you told them you wanted to get into pageantry?
Eugenia Osei- Asante: I always thank God for my parents. i am blessed to have them. my parents have no filter when it comes to their children’s dreams. they were supportive all the way… regardless of what i wanted to do, as long as it makes me happy, they will be supportive. I hope to someday posses their parenting skills because they are wonderful.

Sai Sankoh: I am sure it gets really expensive to enter these pageants, how do you get sponsorship and funding for them?

Eugenia Osei- Asante: omg it is.. hahhaha it is so expensive. i spend nearly close to 3-4 thousand for every pageant. the flights, hotels. pageant bootcamp, the fees and garments. It is really expensive. my family and friends did contributed to everything, my God sister Kevilin, and mostly the nurses at LUTHERAN HOME CARE. they are so wonderful and am forever grateful for their help. i couldnt have done this without them. Also Mrs Gifty koffie. My other big sister, she helped with all the major parts of this. her name is “Gifty” for a reason. lol

Sai Sankoh: How do you plan on using your title?
Eugenia Osei- Asante: I plan on using my title to promote, a better health care for the continent of Africa and also with my background in Biology, i plan on developing preventative methods for communicable diseases in our continent. 

Sai Sankoh: I know you are involved with PAC, (passion for an african child) could you please tell us more about it? 
Eugenia Osei- Asante:Definitely, Passion for an African Child is a Non-profit organization, who help less fortunates kids with basic necessities, education and healthcare. we are an all female executive, and striving for success is our mission. I love these ladies because we are so diverse in many ways, but we share a common passion and when we get to it, we can literally run this world.. hahahhaa
we are having our first launching in Ghana and many reputable personnels would be present.. We are so excited.

Sai Sankoh: What advice would you give to other ladies that want to contest?
Eugenia Osei- Asante: one thing to others who want to pursue pageantry,”stay positive and dnt let the negativity consume you.. jealousy is a very ugly trait and when you don’t depart from it.. it will end you. keep a clear conscience and be of aid to your fellow contestants and you will be just fine. In all also remember to put God first.

Sai Sankoh: Since my blog consists of fashion i have to sneak in some fashion question. I am crazy about maxi dresses, infact when I started my blog it was dedicated to maxi’s so I have to ask what your favorite fashion choices are? What do you feel the most comfortable in? Whats the perfect first date outfit?
Eugenia Osei- Asante: i love couture thats my style, i am a sucker for african print maxi dresses. since i design, i make my own and people wonder were she got it from.. but i don’t duplicate.. when it comes to my African print maxi’s am selfish like that.. hahhahaha
I will say the perfect first date outfit, would depend on where we are going.. if it’s a resturant, it will be a nice color dress with nice sling backs. A bold necklace to bring out the color of the dress and draw attention to the neckline, and a vintage clutch. its always nice to carry a small bag on a first date. you don’t want to crowd your self. just a way to give him the chance to swoop in for a quick hug or cuddles in the movies, if he is a keeper. lol

Sai Sankoh: What are the 3 favorite things in your closet.
Eugenia Osei- Asante: I love, african print maxi’s, my scarfs, and purses. if i was ever stuck on an island, i will bring one of the above mentioned . hahhaha i want to be rescued pretty…hahhaha

Sai Sankoh: How has your dating life changed since taking part in the pageant? Are you single? Etc
Eugenia Osei- Asante: SADLY BUT TRUE. I am single. some guys tend to stay away because they assume am mean or something. I am actually a very sweet girl and those who have had the chance to know me can attest to that… lol

Sai Sankoh: Please share some beauty tips with us.
Eugenia Osei- Asante: African natural shea butter is your answer to everything. i makes your skin glow and it moisturizes your skin, making it soft smooth and beautiful. its a natural toner and very organic. i use it all over my body and then apply my regular lotion as well. and also, getting spray tanned is awesome.. yes black people can do it too.. it gives you the extra glow. and i love it.