Going Green: Mens Fall 2012 Fashion Trend

I’m not surprise at all to see army wear once again as a top fall trend. This past summer we saw how designers created usually heavy winter ensembles into sleek fun summer creations. Now that fall is back, and winter is just around the corner the army green trend should be a big part of your wardrobe.


Whether light-weight and waterproof or heavier wool blends, overcoats are one way of issuing some army garb into your winter wardrobe this fall.

Field jackets and parkas

Think field jackets and parkas. Those two are usually associated with spring but, for fall you can layer it with a t-shirt or crew neck sweater.

Leather Jackets

As I said before bomber jackets are back. The good thing is they are not as bulky. The present day bomber provides a good amount of  protection from the elements but they are also fashionable and trendy. Now they come in colors you wouldn’t traditionally associate with a bomb jacket. Army green leather coats, safari jackets and blazers are just some of the great choices.

Photos Courtesy: Fashionising