Fall 2012 Trends: Prints Are Here To Stay Guys

They were all the rage last fall,  from the runways to the red carpets, we couldn’t get enough. Now, they are sticking around like the visitor who won’t get up and leave on their own.

They are not your basic printed tees and jackets anymore. Designers have made garments in all shapes and sizes with worldly influences and inspiration.

Why do we love them? Prints are an easy way to inject some personality and life into an outfit and create a wonderful contrast to tailored silhouettes. They’re a polite way of saying you have some attitude and you’re not afraid to show it. When prints are complemented with a sharp trouser or layered underneath a smart knit, there’s always a nod to something not so serious. The designer’s creativity and personality are best on show when working with print.

Need some color in your life? Don’t just wear a colored shirt, wear a printed color shirt.

Below are looks from the fall 2012 runways. Step outside the box be bold be inspired.

Photos Courtesy: Style.com