Fabulous Picks: The Secret to Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck on Skincare Products

Let’s face it, we crave radiant, youthful skin and will pay whatever it takes to achieve it. Many of us keep our bathroom cabinet stocked with $300 moisturizers and serums that promise a flawless complexion. Now, there is finally a way to make those pricy (but oh, so necessary) products even more effective.

Meet the latest advancement in sonic skin care!

Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System

The breakthrough innovation behind, Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System ($249), helps increase the skin’s natural ability to absorb lotions and creams by 300%, so you get smoother skin in just weeks! Ultra-Low Frequency Vibrations stimulate skin to help the topicals penetrate deeper, making your skincare regime work harder than ever before. As a result, antiaging benefits including decrease in wrinkles and increase of skin elasticity and facial firmness, are significantly heighted. With these enhanced results, you can feel a little less guilty on spending that small fortune you did on your favorite skincare must-haves!

Based on 8 weeks of clinical studies showed:
o 78% decrease in crow’s feet, fine lines & wrinkles
o 78% improvement in facial firmness
o 90% improvement of skin radiance and luminosity
o 84% lift in facial skin
o 84% improvement in face and neck smoothness and evenness
o 300% improvement of the skin’s ability to absorb topicals, lotions and creams

Four Simple Steps for Use:
1. Cleanse the skin
2. Apply topical
3. Select setting on the device
4. Tone treatment area (2-3 minutes per section of the face)