Gigi Hadid took fierce and allure to a whole new level as made an appearance at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition VIP press event. An she has makeup artist Patrick Ta to thank for her look for the night.

Accordig to Ta, “Hadid’s sexy, see-through bodysuit called for a fierce look. fierce look.”

To achieve’s Gigi’s eye makeup, Ta applied Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Pure Pigment in Pink Rebel to her lids with a flat brush and lightly blended it upward. He then lightly applied the same formula in the Improper Copper shade on top to create burgundy.

The makeup artist also decided to skip false eye lashes so as not to cover those sexy shadow on her lids, so he curled her natural lashes and applied two coats of mascara.

Ta gave this advise to those who are recreating the look, “Remember when wearing a bold eye color you want to let that color shine, so keep the rest of the face clean and fresh and the color will be cool instead of tacky.”

gigi hadid burgundy makeup