Fab Personal Stylista of the Day: Accessorizing with Koko Soulstice

How can you NOT love Koko? Her golden locks, beautiful bronze skin, radiant smile and bubbly personality, she is known amongst her friends as honest and also sarcastic. I spend half my days trying to decipher her coded facebook status updates mostly I just give up. Her style is one of a kind and it is simply Koko. I cant help to always drool at her adornment of Jewelry. Readers meet the second Fab Personal Stylista of the Day Miss Koko” Who needs diamonds” Soulstice. 

Koko’s personal style is influenced by her love for art, music and culture.
“My style allows me to express myself.
I’m a BIG shopping for Quality bargains over name brand.
I believe trends are set from birth, so my mother would be my “trendsetter”.
Although I love vibrant colors such as yellow, you will find a lot of earthtones in my closet. Bold, Retrotage’ and soulful is the best way to describe my style.
I live for the classic styles of the 50s, the vibrant colors of the 70’s and the funky Fabulous 80s.
Koko at a photo shoot for her Jewelry Line (Le Soulstice)
Accessories are key in pulling everything together and really making that statement.
My biggest fashion weakness is : Leopard (faux)Print. 
  • ShoeDiva aka M. Clinton

    KOKO is beautiful and skin? FLAWLESS!! Sai, thanks for introducing me (be it via BIAF) to to all these wonderful women of strength, grace and fab style. AFRICA ROCKS! #GimmeMore 😉

  • Anonymous

    I love this chick's style. I'd love to have some of that jewlery.

  • Style Savvy Chic

    She looks beautiful and very comfortable in her uniqueness. I love mixing colors together and she does this well.

    Superb site! Please honor me with your presence by Joining my blog.

    Style. Savvy. Chic.

  • Anonymous

    I love her individuality. Stunning!

  • Anonymous

    Pls Sai, when is her jewelry line coming out??? She definitely has some MUST HAVES