Fab Or Drab: Miley Cyrus’ New ‘Mohawk’ Hairstyle At The 2012 VMA Awards

New “bad girl” Miley Cyrus was spotted sporting her new hair cut in a mohawk style at the 2012 VMA. Tell us if you like the new style.

wpid-Miley-Cyrus-New-Hair-Cut-Mohawk-Style-VMA-2012.jpg wpid-Miley-Cyrus-New-Hair-Cut-Mohawk-Style-VMA-2012-MTV.jpg wpid-Miley-Cyrus-New-Hair-Cut-Mohawk-2012-VMA-Awards.jpg





  • parastoo

    i love u

  • jenifre

    . . .the drawn in eye brows keep drawing me in and freaking me out a bit . .the hair isn’t helping. WTF happened here ?!?!?

  • Jayde

    She’s just trying to be like P!nk, it’s kind of sad, the nose piercing, the tattoo(s) and now the hair style & color.

  • not_impressed

    yuck. she used to be beautiful….

  • Queue

    The dress is beautiful on her, but from the neck up she looks like Brigitte Nielsen, and not in a good way…