Editorial: Olivia Palermo Is InStyle Magazine UK October Cover girl. ‘I’m in fashion….She’s LA” Her Words To Kim Kardashian

Olivia Palermo looks stunning in a Christian Dior dress as she takes the cover of InStyle UK magazine’s October 2012 issue.

The 26-year-old fashionista and MTV the City alum had a lot to say. Here are the excerpts.

On not wanting to be compared to Kim Kardashian: “Whatever she’s done, it’s worked, but I do things differently. I’m in fashion. I’m in New York. I’m in London. And I’m in the rest of Europe. She’s LA… Our careers are very different.”

On always looking her best: “I like walking out of the house feeling fully pulled together. It doesn’t matter if there’s someone standing outside my apartment or not. I couldn’t care less. I like getting dressed for me and not them.”

On her floral-themed photo shoot: “This season you’re definitely seeing floral back in trend. Not only have we seen it on the spring runways but we’re also seeing it in fall which is nice and refreshing.”

  • Wait, how is she like KIM? I don’t get that, not one bit!
    Sorry she can mop her floor with Kim when it comes to fashion.