Looks like Drake is following the footsteps of Kanye West when it comes to creating controversy thru their hits.

Drake’s new song Yawnsville was released this morning online and the people of Guelph, Ontario are not at all happy with the superstar’s latest offering.

Yawnsville is clearly an attack to the town of Guelph. In one of the lines, Drake called the city a “boring, boring/ a place to do some snoring.”

guelph ontario

The singer also compared the town to other cities.

NYC is better, so is LA,
If you’re considering Guelph, please stay away,
Paris and London got it goin’ on,
Never go to Guelph, the city’s a yawn.”

But perhaps, the most controversial line in the lyrics describes Guelph as being “simple, silly and full of shit.”

mayor cam guthrie

Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie has spoken about the matter. “Drake is clearly upset with us, and it hurts. I’m proud of my city and the hard-working people of Guelph. I’d like to invite Drake to City Hall, serve him a nice meal and see if we can’t work out our differences,” the town mayor said.

It is unclear what is Drake’s beef with the town of Guelph as the singer’s publicists declined to comment on the issue.

“I’ve lived here all my life,” said Mayor Guthrie. “And I just don’t think what he’s saying is true. Either way, our reputation is in tatters and we don’t know why.”


Source: CBC Punchline