Bring that fab Coachella fashion to your Summer wardrobe!

Coachella brings out the best in everyone right? Just imagine being in a huge crowd, surrounded by hundreds of people who appreciate music just like yourself! That is what Coachella is all about! Amazing performances and amazing people! If only we could bring such a great vibe with us as we quickly approach the summer.. Well guess what? You can! These boho chic outfits are just waiting to be worn for Summer 2014! Shall we take a look?

                                                   THE TOP 3 MUST HAVES

1) LONG BOHO SKIRT : Let’s remember guys the summer is no joke! It gets really hot and we may want to wear something that is adorable but yet cool at the same time! So what better than that cute tribal printed skirt? That would be a great way to bring on the summer fun!

Coachella Music Festival: Day 2


2) DISTRESSED SHORTS : Nothing better than throwing on a cute pair of shorts but to add a Coachella twist distressed shorts are a great look! They add some grunge to your outfit and well take it from Beyoncé they also look amazing!



3) FLOWER CROWN : What a great way to show your nature side by adding a touch of nature to your wardrobe? Flower crowns are a perfect way to say “HELLO SUMMER!” Also, flower crowns give a very cute and hippie look to your outfit! Want to be even more creative? Make them yourself using real flowers! Now that will be one heck of a crown!



So there you have it!  Coachella is the celebration of life, nature, music and people! So why not bring that vibe and fashion to celebrate the fun and good times you will be having this summer of  2014!