Anoko Zankli, Sai Sankoh and Sanna VIlle: “We Love Adam by Adam Lippes Dresses”

I first saw this dress, when I visited Sanna Ville in Atlanta in October. It was love at first sight. Well after I saw it on her again, I called her up to find the designer and after a little googling I found it online and immediately purchased it!! Then I saw the stylish Anoko in it as well when I did a post on her as Fab Stylista. I love maxi dresses and I love them when they are really long! These are. I wore them with 6 inch wedges and it was still too long, so I just dragged along with it. I love how we all 3 put our own touch to it! Its a cute dress and It looks fabulous on!!

  • ShoesDiva aka M. Clinton

    Each lady representing her dress & color well. I'm 5'3 and just started wearing maxis :)

  • cheryl the dresses

  • Afy C

    I must say, u have inspired me to LOVE MAXI DRESSes AND SKIRTS. im loving the trend. can’t wait to get a handful on many.