A GQ Makeover Like Non Other, Rapper French Montana Swagged Out GQ Editors In Full On Versace!

Normally the GQ editors are the what you consider the fashion & style professors of the menswear world. They could go on and on about everything from what works for your body type to what’s consider hip and cool as in, now, past, and future. So when Rapper French Montana paid a visit to the offices of GQ in New York he dressed them according to what he consider hip and cool, his personal style. It was a full on Versace pattern assault!

Oh and they ask him a few questions too.

GQ: When did you become obsessed with Versace?

French Montana: As soon as my money got right enough to buy Versace [laughs]. I have been a fan of Versace for so long, watching people like Biggie, Puff, Jay-Z. I’ve been collecting them for a while now.

GQ: Most of them are silk, bright pink or yellow, have flowers and angels on them…

French Montana: Yeah.

GQ: But they’re still super “Hip-hop.” Why?

French Montana: Rappers make something hip-hop. Like when Biggie wore the yellow one, the one that I wore for Summer Jam, he made it hip-hop. And when he wore the Coogi sweater, he made that hip-hop. Whatever rappers wear is cool to people.

GQ: Do you think that the silk Versace shirts and the scarves wrapped around will ever be a huge trend? Will it ever make the pages of GQ?

French Montana: I guarantee it will. You give it a couple of months.

GQ: A couple months?

French Montana: Yeah, give it a couple months.

GQ: So, like the December issue of GQ?

French Montana: Um, I would say like the beginning of next year.


Before the make over the editors appear in somewhat conservative clothes

Rapper French Montana Style

 Photos Courtesy: GQ, And various outlets