dakota johnson red lipstick

The holidays may be over but those perfect bold red lips will never go out of style. Make up artist Pati Dubroff shares her technique on how to wear that red lipstick like Dakota Johnson – and make it last all night long.

Start by priming your lips. According to Dubroff, “prepping with a light lip balm is important but needs to be done in advance.” If lips are chapped, slough the flakes away with a tooth brush and a lipscrub, then wipe the excess balm away. After that, “apply a base coat of color straight from the tube to the center of the lip, and press lightly with your finger to distribute over the whole area,” Dubroff says. To hold the color in place, define lips with a lip liner. Add another layer of lipstick, then blot with tissue to remove excess color. Repeat the procedure several tims to make sure that the color is locked into the lips. Then using a small brush, finish it off with a light dusting of loose powder along the edges of the lips for a long-lasting look that won’t kiss off.

Source: Vogue